So now to the story about the whole Darren talking to us!!!!

Okayyyy so there was this group of starkids around the fence while Darren was doing a sound check around 3:30ish and most people left after that but for some reason we stayed WHICH I DO NOT REGRET. After we were standing around for a little while Darren comes back out and then starts walking up the hill in the grass around the ampitheater and so there are about 5-10 people by the fence with us and we start freaking out that he may come and talk to us. So he’s walking out way with an entourage of some friends and staff members and as he comes out the gate the staff are just like no pictures or videos or autographs or anything and everyone makes room for him and he goes to go ride Superman. A lot of people followed him but we didn’t want to be TOO creepy so we stayed behind also because he said to so we were being good :) So I was with my two friends Ali and Annie and there were like two other people as Darren is returning from the Superman. So he’s walking our way, within touching distance ONCE AGAIN and HE LOOKS AT ME, ALI, AND ANNIE, JUST THE THREE OF US, AND SAYS “NICE SHIRTS”. LIKE FOR REAL. NO JOKE HERE MAN. HE TOLD US HE LIKED OUT SHIRTS. I WAS COMPLIMENTED BY DARREN CRISS AND IT TWAS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY WHOLE FREAKING LIFE. I was wearing the supermegafoxyawesomehot shirt, Ali was wearing keep calm it’s gonna be totally awesome, and Annie was wearing together we’re totally awesome. AND HE SAID NICE SHIRTS TO US AND I DIED.

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